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H&R Springs

H&R Suspension

There are many different types of products that H&R produces including race and street applications. They offer over three different kinds of coil springs that will allow your vehicle to handle much better and navigate those uneven surfaces more comfortably. H&R has been around for many years perfecting their suspension products and are used by many vehicles in the racing industry.

For a mild drop, the H&R OE lowers the car a quarter inch for a more refined feel and enhanced appearance. This small drop makes the H&R products the go to for someone who does not want an extreme drop, but just something a bit more aggressive than their current setup. H&R has made them for numerous cars that make a perfect fit every time. They can also be used with your OEM shocks if you do not want to upgrade.

For an even bigger drop, the H&R sport and H&R super sport offer over an inch and a half which gives your car an even more aggressive appearance. Body roll will be reduced and you will be able to control the car more with H&R products. They also have race products that will be your go to setup when you need something for the track. H&R offers them in many different spring rates that allow your vehicle to be versatile in and out of the turns.

You will experience a more balanced vehicle along with more control when using any type of product from H&R. H&R springs are vehicle-specific and made exactly to how your current springs look, but perform much better. They also resist against corrosion and will last an extremely long time.