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H&R H&R Street Performance Coilovers

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There adjustable coilovers from H&R are the perfect combination of comfort and handling for owners who want something for their vehicle that is used every day. H&R designs them for a one inch drop up to a two and a half inch drop for those of you that like to drive low. This is at the bottom of the pack in the coilover lineup from H&R, but it does not lack performance one bit.

Adjusting the height of these H&R components is done easy by its threaded shock body which easily adjusts the spring seats. Each H&R product is made from stainless steel which prevents harmful chemicals from damaging them, not to mention how nice they look. The H&R coilovers are extremely easy to adjust and you do it on the go at home or at the race track.

Koni shocks are actually used in each set of H&R coilovers since they do not manufacture shocks themselves. Koni shocks are known as some of the best in the industry and are used on numerous race vehicles. Using H&R springs with these Koni shocks makes an exceptional setup for your vehicle to ride on.

Lowering your vehicle will give it a lower center of gravity which results in increased handling and overall better performance. It is also recommended to use H&R camber bolts when using H&R street performance coilovers since your negative camber will be increased. You may also need other suspension enhancement like aftermarket control arms if you are lowering the car to the ground. Lowering the car with these H&R components may also require wheel spacers which will make them sit more flush with the fender.