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H&R H&R Street Performance SS Coilovers

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A step up from the basic H&R street coilovers are the H&R street performance SS coilovers, which users can adjust both the height and shock damping. Adjusting the height of this H&R set is done easily through a threaded shock mount that makes for on-the-go adjustment and can be raised or lowered depending on the weather. Being able to adjust the shock setting is optimal too since the driver can make the ride soft or firm.

This set from H&R is perfect for all types of drivers, but appeals more to those who want to be able to adjust their ride comfort. If you live in areas where the roads are rough and uneven, adjusting the shock damping will allow the vehicle to ride softer or firmer depending on what you want. The H&R street performance SS coilovers will make you think you are riding in a high end vehicle after you have adjusted the shock damping.

The progressive spring used in each H&R set is crucial to how it performs as the coil spring can accommodate for many types of road surfaces. A progressive coil spring has a variable working range which is the best suited for street driving. H&R includes a Koni shock with these adjustable coilovers as well which are extremely comfortable and durable.

H&R designs these for up to a two and a half inch drop, which will put the vehicle pretty low to the ground. Your car will have a lower center of gravity and be able to handle all types of turns and twists without increased body roll or tire wear. H&R provides comfortability, durability and performance to whatever vehicle you are using their parts on.