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If you want to go lower than H&R sport springs, the H&R super sport springs will do that for you and lower the car an average of two inches. These lowering springs from H&R are for the extreme tuners who like to ride with their car nearly touching the ground. H&R has designed them for extreme comfort so you can experience great driving on all surfaces.

These are not recommended to be used with aftermarket shocks since they lower the car so much. H&R designs them to work well with any set of shocks you choose to maximize the performance of your car. They are also blue in color so they look extremely well when used on any color car. H&R super sport springs are a set height and not adjustable, so if you live in areas where rain or snow is a problem, then you may want to check out H&R coilovers for height adjustment.

Lowering your vehicle this much will require other components to be used or removed so that your wheels maintain proper alignment. Since these H&R parts lower your car more than two inches, you may need camber arms, fender liner removal, rolled fenders, or smaller tires to accommodate the drop. For enthusiasts, this is never a problem since most of them have experience doing it.

Stability and control is greatly increased with this kit from H&R since the center of gravity will be extremely low. You will benefit from increased gas mileage and possibly longer tire life. However, if negative camber is consistent with your wheel, this will wear out your tires faster than if they were properly aligned. H&R components will also last longer than your OEM ones by resisting against the outside elements and harmful chemicals.