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Tightening up your vehicle's suspension using H&R sway bars will allow you to take corners easier without worrying about too much body roll. H&R has designed them for each specific vehicle and are very easy to install. They directly replace your current ones and are a little thicker which makes them superior to your OEM bars. H&R produces them from their special steel allow which can handle the outside elements since they are exposed to all types of harmful chemicals.

The anti-roll bars of your vehicle are located in the front and the back. They both connect one side of the suspension to the other and are designed to reduce body roll and give the vehicle an overall tightened feel. H&R manufacturers their products to be stronger than your current ones to give the driver more control over the car for all sorts of driving. They are great for both street and track driving because H&R designs them to maintain ride comfort.

Using the thicker and stiffer H&R sway bars will put less wear on your tires as well since the car can remain flat on uneven surfaces and sharp corners. When you take sharp turns, the body will roll causing the outside of the front tires to experience more wear. Using H&R has various benefits that will allow your car parts to last longer and perform better.

They can also reduce oversteer if your vehicle is suffering from that. Oversteer is when the car does not take the turn as sharp as the driver has commanded it to do. H&R will clean up oversteer by making everything tighter and stiffer. Each of the H&R bars is made from forged end as well which can be adjusted for certain applications.