H&R springs

H&R Sway Bars

H&R Suspension

H&R designs their suspension components to work in conjunction with each other to provide your vehicle with the best possible handling and performance. H&R sway bars are built to replace your existing front and rear one to tighten up the suspension. They should also be used with lowering springs from H&R to make your vehicle perform even better.

The anti-roll bars on any vehicle are designed to limit body roll, but they are not able to their job if the coil springs are not up to par. H&R sway bars are thicker and stronger than your current ones which is why they make such a good upgrade. You should also upgrade to H&R springs if you are using their sway bars since the OE springs are not a good match.

Combining both of these parts from H&R will almost eliminate body roll and you can take your car on the track to really let it go. Their parts are German engineered so you know the quality that they are built from. If you are using both of these products from H&R and need something to correct the alignment, then H&R camber bolts will do the trick. These are perfect if you are using any other spring besides their OE ones.

Your vehicle can really benefit from using any of H&R products, but for maximum performance it is recommended to use them with each other. They all have been designed for this reason and have applications for nearly any car that is looking for a suspension upgrade. H&R products are built to last and look great as well.