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Having wider wheels is always better than narrow wheels because there is more surface area between the wheel and the surface. H&R trak+ are designed to push your wheels further out to increase handling and drivability. H&R makes them from billet aluminum which is extremely strong and bolts directly to your factory wheel hub. On some vehicle, there is a lot of wheel gap which makes the wheels look sunk in and not so pleasing. Upgrading to H&R will give the car a better appearance and stability.

The H&R trak plus are wheel spacers that come in various sizes to accommodate either your factory wheels or aftermarket wheels. If you like the looks of your factory wheels but want them to sit more flush with the fender, then this product from H&R is perfect. They are available in both silver and black so you choose the best color for your application. H&R has made them for a perfect fit with a hubcentric design which creates a perfect distribution of weight.

When your wheels become closer to the fender, you will experience better cornering and overall stability. H&R has designed them for simply cosmetic upgrades or for the race track which makes them very versatile. They are also extremely light so these H&R components do not add much weight if that is a concern.

Using the spacers from H&R is also perfect if you have a lowered vehicle. When a car is lowered, the wheels tend to sink in and create negative camber. With these products from H&R, they will push the wheel out as much or as little as you want to achieve a perfect stance with flush wheels.