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H&R Ultra Low Coilovers

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This product from H&R is for the extreme tuner who wants their vehicle nearly touching the ground at all times. It is an adjustable coilover set that allows for more than three inches of adjustment so the vehicle can literally be on the ground. The H&R ultra low coilovers make for a perfect fitment through their vehicle-specific design, but other modifications may be needed like smaller wheels or removing various parts.

If you are installing these H&R components yourself, than you should be familiar with the dynamics of an ultra-lowered car because things need to be taken into consideration. When the car is lowered to more than a couple of inches, various parts may need to be modified, removed or changed. The H&R kit may require aftermarket control arms, smaller wheels, fender liner removal, and a camber kit. Using the H&R ultra low coilovers will make the top of your wheels sink in so either H&R camber bolts or a full camber kit will be needed to correct this. An alignment will also always be needed when lowering your car with H&R parts.

Installing this H&R kit is for someone who lives and drives on completely flat surfaces or for show car purposes only. Since the kit can go so low, there are chances of damaging some parts underneath the vehicle. H&R knows that there are enthusiasts out there who like to slam their vehicle to the ground and this kit offers that. Users can also raise the vehicle back up in the winter months to avoid getting stuck in the snow. H&R has designed them for autocross or track racing since they can provide the most control and stability for the car.