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If you own an SUV or van, cargo liners are important to consider. Many drivers use their vehicles to travel, go shopping, or just take the dogs to the park. But most SUVs and vans don't come off the line with cargo mats installed, which is odd because your cargo space is meant to be used! That's important because whenever there are groceries in the back all it takes is for you to stop short and next thing you know, you have a giant mess to clean up. Husky cargo liners protect your trunk from becoming victimized by the everyday annoyances that can pop up. The company uses its own rubberized material for their cargo mats. This material is special because it doesn't just defend spills, mud, and ice, but chemicals, as well.

When you take your dog with you on trips to the park, you know that sometimes your pet will have dirt and grass all over their paws. Without cargo liners, this can cause a mess very quickly. Husky cargo liners don't just keep your trunk safe from spills and stains, but from wet, dirty dogs, too. Even if your vehicle did come with factory SUV mats, they are worth replacing. OEM mats are often just thin pieces of cheap rubber that cracks and folds. Husky mats feature a perimeter ridge that comes up to catch water and liquids before they drip off of the cargo cover surface. And these cargo liners won't curl up or fall away from the side of your vehicle.

Husky cargo liners are manufactured with your SUV's specifications so they will enact a perfect fit, regardless if it's a midsize, full-size, or crossover. The most critical factor is that your custom cargo liners blanket the trunk perfectly by providing an alignment of the material to the edges. As soon as you open your hatchback, your cargo liner should be right there ready to keep your trunk nice and clean.

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