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Adjust Wrench

TEIN Suspension

If you need a specific tool to adjust your TEIN coilovers, the TEIN Adjust Wrench is just what you need. It was designed specifically to work with all TEIN products, even ones that are much older. It is a utility wrench with many different features for extra ease when customizing your coilover setup.

This coilover wrench is the latest design by TEIN. It has many new features and a new finish. It can adjust the spring seats, the seat locks, and the body locks on any type of TEIN coilovers. It fits 70, 90 and 132mm outer diameters which will work on all past and present TEIN coilovers. It also features a square hole for a 1/2 inch socket drive wrench, a 17mm hex socket and a tip extension to keep the coilover steady while you are loosening or tightening locks. All of these socket extensions are helpful for fine tuning any suspension setup.

This coilover wrench is built in Japan like all TEIN products and is made with high quality materials. It also has a special Chrome Vanadium finish for extra durability against the elements. This coilover wrench also comes with TEIN's 1 year manufacturer's warranty for added security. They come in a package of 2 which makes it a great value considering the amount of time it will save when adjusting your TEIN coilovers.