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EDFC Active System

TEIN Suspension

The TEIN EDFC Active system is the latest advancement in adjusting your car's suspension. It can either do the adjustments automatically based on G-Force sensors or by speed. Of course, if you wish to adjust settings manually that is an option as well. It also uses a new wireless sensor to transmit these changes which makes it much more convenient due to the lack of additional wires in the interior of the car. TEIN went above and beyond when they developed this product.

Like the other TEIN system, this one uses electric motors to adjust the suspension. However, it offers even more adjustability since it 64 levels of adjustability which is a large difference from the 16 or 32 that the other product allows. Another key feature is that the sensors are wireless. The motors are hooked up to power supplies that are located in the front and the back of the vehicle and from that they transmit data to the TEIN EDFC controller unit. This allows there to be no additional wires in the cabin from the motors themselves which is a great advancement over the previous model.

Despite these changes, the durability is still the same due to the special coating that protects the components. The TEIN EDFC Active system comes in four different kits. It has the controller kit and motor kit which are the two standard requirements, but it also has a GPS kit and a strut kit. The new TEIN GPS kit allows the user to have the speed sensitive adjustment and it also displays your vehicles speed on the unit display. The strut kit protects the motors from interfering with certain struts. This system is on the higher end side in pricing, but it offers only the best TEIN suspension adjustment technology available.