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EDFC System

TEIN Suspension

The TEIN EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) is a helpful tool for any driver who wishes to change their suspension settings on the fly. This electric system is compatible with many different TEIN coilovers and dampers and is a great addition to your vehicle. Before purchasing this kit, you should make sure that your TEIN suspension is compatible with it.

The TEIN EDFC offers many technologies to adjust the suspension while you are driving. It uses a set of electric motors that adjust the suspension to whatever settings that you choose on the display. This makes it very convenient to use since it eliminates the need to manually adjust your coilovers or dampers which takes up valuable time. The control unit is 1/4 DIN in size which means that it is easily placed anywhere in the cabin of the vehicle. It is also illuminated which allows you to adjust your settings even at night. It is fully compatible with both the 16 and 32 way adjustment systems that TEIN offers on their suspension parts as well.

Like all TEIN products, this one was also made to last. It is made in Japan and it has many features that increase durability. Since the motors are going to be exposed to the elements, TEIN developed a special rubber casing for them to increase durability. The wires that go from the motors to the unit inside the vehicle are also made with thick resistant rubber. All in all, this product comes in three separate kits. It has a controller kit which contains the interior unit, the motor kit, and a special strut kit which helps protect the motor wires. It is also a fairly easy install if you have an understanding of car electrical systems.