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H tech springs

TEIN Suspension

If you are looking to lower your car to give it an aggressive stance with enhanced handling, then the TEIN H tech springs is your best choice. These lowering springs can also work with your factory shocks so you do not have to spend any more money upgrading your suspension. Although they will wear out faster, the factory shocks will do a fine job of keeping up with these springs from TEIN. The strong corrosion protection applied to the springs also keeps their shining gold color and allows them to stand out behind your wheels.

The trademark green and gold colors associated with TEIN have been around the suspension industry for many years. The TEIN H tech springs are gold in color and will give you the perfect balance of performance and control. They do not lower the vehicle too much to where you would get stuck in the snow or scrape the pavement, but they lower it just enough to where it is noticeable and you will feel less body roll when cornering. TEIN lowering springs also help with the uneven surfaces since there is no road that is completely even.

The H techs from TEIN are not just another set of aftermarket springs. They are a set of coil springs that differ from the rest because of the comfort level they provide for your vehicle. When you lower a car, the springs have less travel and sometimes the ride can be bumpy. Well, with TEIN, this is not the case because they are designed as progressive springs and are compatible with literally any type of road surface.