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Hydraulic Bump Stop

TEIN Suspension

Hydraulic bump stops are a key component of any rally suspension. However, you may end up asking yourself "What does a bump stop do". In short, they help control the up travel of the suspension. They help prevent the vehicle from bottoming out when going over rough terrain or when the vehicle hits the ground after going airborne. They are a necessary component that prevents costly damage to the frame of the rally car.

Like any professional rally suspension, the TEIN Type Gr.N dampers help prevent the vehicle from being damaged by using hydraulic bump stops. Like most TEIN suspensions, their components are adjustable. TEIN has its 16 way adjustability on this bump stop which works to help improve handling and traction while the vehicle is going over rough terrain. The adjustability can determine whether or not your rally car wins or loses due to the increased handling ability that comes with a properly tuned suspension.

Bump stops not only work at high speeds with extreme amounts of suspension travel, they also work at low speeds as well. While you will never get a smooth pavement feel on a rally course, there are areas on it that will be relatively smooth. On these smoother surfaces, TEIN developed this suspension to act composed and to allow predictable handling and traction. What makes it unique is that it acts like a typical spring suspension during smoother driving, yet can still withstand and prevent significant damage during very rough driving.

A hydraulic bump stop is not required for daily driving or even spirited driving. It is intended for severe off road use which is what the TEIN Type Gr.N dampers were designed for. If you actively participate in rally competitions in your Subaru Impreza or Mitsubishi Lancer, you cannot get a better set of dampers since you need the added protection from a hydraulic bump stop system.