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Pillowball Tension Rods

TEIN Suspension

TEIN Pillowball Tension Rods are a great addition to any vehicle that could benefit from increased acceleration and deceleration, better handling and superior steering response. These automotive tension rods also work great with TEIN Tie Rods which gives the car the optimal suspension set up when used together.

TEIN Pillowball Tension Rods offer many improvements over OEM bushing type rods. They offer increased acceleration and deceleration because they limit the movement, also known as deflection under load, of the lower arms in the car's suspension. In addition, the limited movement also reduces the car's body roll. TEIN Pillowball Tension Rods also improve steering feel by being adjustable which can help you dial in the perfect suspension setup for your car. This customization comes from the adjustable turnbuckle which also can adjust the caster angle for a more precise wheel alignment.

Like all TEIN products, their Pillowball Tension Rods are also very durable. They are made in Japan with very high quality materials. These automotive tension rods are made out of carbon steel which is stronger and more corrosion resistant than other materials which makes these TEIN Pillowball Tension Rods a much stronger suspension component than an OEM one. The serration bolt is also pressed into the rod and is constructed of high tension materials. Like all TEIN products, the Pillowball Tension Rods also feature a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

TEIN Pillowball Tension Rods are also relatively easy to install. They only require minimal tools such as a torque wrench, a hex tool and a jack to lift the car. They can either be a DIY project or done by a professional mechanic. Regardless of how you do it, the TEIN Pillowball Tension Rods are a great suspension upgrade.