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S Tech Springs

TEIN Suspension

If you wish to give your car a more aggressive lowered appearance, TEIN S Tech Springs are a great addition. They lower the car by 1.5 inches for better performance and looks. They also offer a larger drop compared to the TEIN H Tech model. This model is slightly more upmarket, but it is still a very affordable way to get the aggressive stance that you want.

These TEIN lowering springs offer many benefits over stock springs. Appearance is everything, and a car with a lowered stance with less wheel gap is much more attractive than one without it. They make your car look aggressive and are an excellent first step towards advanced suspension tuning. Not only do they make your car look better, they also help it handle better as well. A lowered car has better handling which improves the driving experience. They also maintain comfort when the car is lowered which is very important for a daily driver.

TEIN is well known for their durable products and with these they go even farther. Their standard 1 year manufacturer's defect warranty is accompanied by a guarantee that the spring length will not sag by more than 5mm during that time period. TEIN also puts a green powder coating on this product to protect it against corrosion. They were also road tested by TEIN engineers in North America and created them specifically for the types of conditions that you will face.

This product is also very easy to install. TEIN products are designed with ease of install in mind, and these follow that idea. They are an easy DIY project or they are a quick install at a reputable automotive shop. TEIN S Tech Springs also fit into most OEM shocks which makes them an economical upgrade.