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Silencer Rubber

TEIN Suspension

Aftermarket springs can often make more noise than OEM ones when going over rough roads due to the coils touching each other. This gives off a distinct metallic noise known as "coil slap". TEIN's Silencer Rubber can reduce or even remove this noise.

This rubber cover works by placing it over the TEIN lowering springs that are installed on your car. TEIN sells these spring covers in several sizes that fit their S. Tech, H. Tech and other TEIN springs. They work by putting a rubber barrier between the springs. They are made out of pliable rubber which makes installing them onto your TEIN lowering springs very easy. These spring covers give you a more quiet and luxurious ride while also allowing you to still have the aggressive stance of a lowered vehicle.

These spring covers are also very durable. The rubber material that they are made out of is of the same quality as other TEIN products. It is also given a 1 year manufacturer's defect warranty. They also do not harm your springs either. They do not affect the spring's performance or durability when they are installed over it. This TEIN product is a great addition to any vehicle that benefit from a quieter ride.