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Standard Springs

TEIN Suspension

TEIN offers many types of automotive springs in a range of price points and purposes. TEIN's Standard Springs a great offering for replacing your car's OEM springs. They offer great performance and durability at a very fair price.

These car springs come in many different sizes and diameters that fit a whole range of vehicles. They can be used as an OEM replacement for street and motorsports applications. These coil springs also feature a flat top and bottom design which works perfectly with coilovers.

Like all TEIN products, these coil springs are made with only the best materials. They are made out of silicon chrome metal which is very durable. TEIN also backs this claim up with a 1 year manufacturer's defect warranty and an anti-sag warranty that guarantees that the spring length will not sag more than 5mm during that time period. They are also powder coated black to protect them from corrosion which doubles as a very neutral color that goes with any suspension setup.

Installing TEIN coil springs is not difficult and can be a do it yourself project. It is a quick change and only requires a few tools to do.