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Street Advance Dampers

TEIN Suspension

TEIN's Street Advance dampers are an updated version of the ever popular Super Street coilovers. These automotive dampers are made specifically for improving handling when the vehicle is lowered. These dampers are the perfect fit for any vehicle that needs to have a lower and more aggressive stance to it. These dampers are an ideal fit for feeling the road during your commute or for driving spirited on the weekend.

The TEIN Street Advance dampers use many technologies to improve the handling and driving feel. TEIN uses its new Advance Needle Technology which allows a 200% increase in damping range within the usual 16 way adjustability that TEIN offers with their suspension parts. These dampers also include a twin-tube design which is more durable and offers a smoother ride. The TEIN Street Advance dampers also have a ZT Coated threaded sleeve which is used for adjusting the vehicle's ride height. These automotive dampers are an excellent first step towards giving your vehicle and aggressive stance and fitment.

Another improvement that TEIN did to their Street Advance dampers was in regards to durability. TEIN has always used quality parts and they are made in Japan, however they go above and beyond with these dampers. TEIN uses updated stronger internal components and even more external coatings to improve upon durability for these automotive dampers.

TEIN Street Advance dampers are around the lower to mid-range which makes them very affordable. They are perfect for getting an aggressive stance on your vehicle at a relatively low price. They are excellent dampers for both daily driving and spirited driving which makes them an excellent value. TEIN also offers many other types of suspension components at varying prices.