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Super Street Coilovers

TEIN Suspension

TEIN Super Street coilovers offer both excellent street and track performance. These automotive coilovers feature both ride height adjustment along with 16 different levels of damping force adjustments. Like other TEIN damper kits, the Super Street damper kit features the unparalleled adjustability for both street and track usage.

What separates the TEIN Super Street coilovers from the rest is that height and damping adjustments are included in the kit. With a lower ride height the driver is able to achieve better grip and stability on the road. Coupled with the damping adjustments that allow the driver to customize the ride stiffness, the TEIN Super Street Coilovers provide an excellent combination for handling performance.

TEIN Super Street coilovers come in both a basic kit and a kit that includes a pillowball upper mount. The pillowball upper mount allows the driver to adjust the handling potential of the vehicle with improved steering. The pillowball upper mounts add on another way to customize your vehicle by changing the steering response.

Like all other TEIN products, the Super Street Coilovers are only manufactured with quality parts in Japan. Quality parts make a difference since they are much more durable and can stand up to the type of driving they were intended for. These coilovers are powder coated for extra protection against the elements as well. Like always, TEIN backs up their products with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

The TEIN Super Street automotive coilovers are a mid-range product above the basic coilovers. This damper kit is for an enthusiast who wants an excellent coilover set at a fair price. There are also many other suspension parts that are available from TEIN for all budgets.