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TEIN Suspension

The ability to have adjustable coilovers can be had when using a set of TEIN coilovers. Suspension coilovers include a spring and a shock. They are designed to work in conjunction with each other while outperforming any other setup. Adjustable coilovers are great for any scenario including the track or daily driving on the street. They are available for nearly every car on the road and can lower the car over two inches. This makes them very appealing to car enthusiasts around the world.

Ride height adjustability is very friendly. It has so many advantages over TEIN springs. Springs alone can lower the vehicle, but do not provide the ability to be adjusted. They also do not come with a shock that is suited for that specific spring. The great thing about adjustable coilovers from this company is the wide variety of products they have available. The comfort level is different on each specific product. Users can have products made just for the track, or products made for both street and track. TEIN coilovers have been around supplying both the import and domestic market for years.

Weather can sometimes be a factor in the areas we drive through. Low lying areas can be flooded and it can happen quickly. Adjustable coilovers would be perfect in this situation. Driving through flooded roads would damage the vehicle's engine. Water would be sucked through the intake and could seize the motor. Adjustable coilovers would allow the driver to raise the car back to stock height and drive through the water. This will also prevent any water from corroding the underside of the vehicle.

Getting the right suspension for the track can take time. Trial and error is needed when trying to pair the right spring with the right shock. Adjustable coilovers take out the work needed to accomplish this. TEIN coilovers have specific track products that are designed to handle increased body roll and keep the car straight. There is nothing worse than a failed spring or shock on track day. Adjustable coilovers will go as low as you can make them. They pair very well with a set of aftermarket wheels. Anyone who takes their car to the track needs versatility and will find that with adjustable coilovers.

When using lowering springs, an upgraded shock is always needed. The factory ones will wear out excessively quick. Adjustable coilovers already have an upgraded shock that works directly with that specific spring. Aftermarket shocks are only designed to work with a specific spring. This can be challenging for the user. TEIN coilovers have been tested on each specific vehicle to provide the best handling and drivability.

To make life even easier for the user, their adjustable coilovers can be electronically adjusted. A kit can be purchased that will adjust the damping force of each shock absorber. This makes for on the go tuning and can switch from street to track in a few seconds. Specific TEIN coilovers have this option available. Their wrench is designed to work with the adjustable coilovers. A simple turn of the wrench will make the car go up or down.

Comfort and increased handling is added when using adjustable coilovers. TEIN coilovers are not just meant for going low. They are much more comfortable than the factory suspension components. If the driver is looking for softer or firmer handling, the shock absorber can be adjusted to accommodate that type of driving. Long road trips can benefit from a softer ride and will make it that much more enjoyable. Long hours in the car can be rough. Any suspension coilovers can provide ride height adjustability, but they do not offer the comfort that TEIN products deliver.

A fun ride isn't necessarily a quality of any vehicle. Adjustable coilovers add that fun factor to the car. Sharper turns at higher speeds are capable and will not be detrimental to the vehicle in any way. In fact, TEIN coilovers prevent body roll which will put less wear on the tires and replacing them can be expensive. They will last much longer and still have a solid grip on the surface.