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Euro Damper

TEIN Suspension

TEIN Euro Dampers are ideal for any European vehicle. These automotive dampers are specifically designed to work with European cars. The number one goal of the TEIN Euro Damper is to maintain ride comfort while increasing performance. For example, Mercedes Benz is known for their ride comfort. These TEIN Euro Dampers will improve the handling and steering response of your Mercedes Benz while not making the ride any stiffer or rougher like many other aftermarket suspension parts do. They are the perfect dampers for a daily driver or for a high speed run on the Autobahn.

The TEIN Euro Dampers are unique since they incorporate the new Micro Speed Valve (MSV) technology which improves handling which maintaining ride quality and comfort. The Euro Dampers also allow the driver to lower their vehicle to improve grip and handling. Like the other TEIN suspension products, the Euro Dampers also offer the 16 way adjustability for either daily driving or spirited driving without sacrificing ride quality. The TEIN Euro Dampers offer the best of both worlds for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, or Volkswagen.

TEIN automotive suspension parts are only built with quality components and are made in Japan. The components are more durable than many other suspension parts due to these quality components. The Euro Dampers are made from steel and have the mono-tube internal construction for durability and performance. TEIN backs up their products with a 1 year manufacturers defect warranty.

The TEIN Euro Damper is a more high-end product compared to the other suspension parts. It is specially designed to be used on high end European luxury vehicles and only uses the finest parts. TEIN offers many other suspension products that will fit any budget.