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Tie Rods

TEIN Suspension

TEIN Tie Rods offer many improvements over OEM ones. They are stronger, they are more durable, and they improve steering feel. Tie rods are a very important part of any car's suspension since they help with steering and handling. TEIN Tie Rods work perfectly for improving that.

TEIN Tie Rods differ from OEM tie rods since they can be set at different steering angles. The OEM setting does not change the way the car steers while the increased steering angle sharpens the steering and gives the car a tighter turning radius. This is important for tight corners or for more control during a drift. TEIN Tie Rods are the best tie rods to use if you wish to turn your car into a full-fledged drift machine.

Like all TEIN products, the tie rods are made in Japan and are built to last. They are 10-55% stronger than OEM tie rods depending on the type and their application. TEIN Tie Rods are stronger because they use higher quality materials and because they have a larger diameter than OEM tie rods. They also have a plated finish to prevent corrosion. TEIN Tie Rods also come with a 1 year manufacturer's defect warranty.

TEIN Tie Rods are also fairly easy to install and can easily be done as a DIY project. Only minimal tools are required such as a torque wrench and a tool to remove a hex bolt. A jack is also required. If you do not feel comfortable installing them yourself, a reliable mechanic can also do it with a minimal amount of labor. TEIN Tie Rods can be ordered with or without the hardware package which allows the optional steering angle.