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Type Gr.N Dampers

TEIN Suspension

If you want the ultimate suspension for rally racing, you need to have the TEIN Type Gr.N dampers. These automotive dampers are designed specifically for competitors in the National or World level of rally competitions. These dampers are the best representative of TEIN's support in rally competitions and have been used around the world in professional rally races.

TEIN Type Gr.N dampers have many unique features that assist the competitor in their rally car. These automotive dampers feature a 3+1 way damping force adjustment with adjustable high speed compression, low speed compression and adjustable rebound which helps improve handling. They also feature a 16 way adjustable Hydraulic Bump Stop which helps the vehicle maintain traction. The TEIN Type Gr.N dampers also feature a Temperature Compensating Valve which helps regulate the oil viscosity and works with the external oil reservoir. These automotive dampers also feature a Micro Speed Valve which helps with low speed damping and offers a more controlled ride. Ride height is also adjustable with these dampers.

The TEIN Type Gr.N dampers are built to be as durable as possible since they are intended to be used in competitive rally races around the globe. Like all TEIN products they are made in Japan with only the highest quality materials. The TEIN Type Gr.N dampers are also use a mono-tube design for added strength and durability.

The TEIN Type Gr.N dampers are a top end product and their price reflects that. They include all of the technologies that TEIN has developed through their experience in rally racing as both a part supplier and as a racing team. These automotive dampers are intended for professionals and customers who only demand the best. TEIN also offers many other types of suspension components at various prices to suit your needs.