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Type HG Coilovers

TEIN Suspension

TEIN Type HG coilovers are an excellent choice if you wish to pursue rally racing or if you just want additional performance on dirt roads. These automotive coilovers are specially designed for competitive rally racing and are built to withstand the stresses of dirt, sand and gravel roads. TEIN used what they learned during their extensive experience in rally racing when they developed these coilovers.

The TEIN Type HG coilovers offer many advanced technologies to improve upon off-road handling. These automotive coilovers feature 16 way adjustability for both the compression and rebound, ride height adjustment, and feature a twin-tube design to improve handling. The TEIN Type HG coilovers also feature an external oil reservoir to help the coilover withstand the difficult terrain of rally races. A unique free piston was used in the construction of these coilovers which prevents aeration which can reduce performance during a time when you need it the most.

Durability is very important when looking at an automotive coilover for rally racing, and the TEIN Type HG is engineered with that in mind. TEIN products are always built with the best materials in Japan, but special care must be taken for automotive coilovers that will be used off-road. TEIN uses a steel construction for these coilovers which adds to the overall durability, especially on rough courses that can easily break a lesser coilover. TEIN also uses a 3-stage powder coating process which prevents corrosion and improves durability. TEIN also backs up these automotive coilovers with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

These TEIN Type HG coilovers are a higher end product since they are specialized for rally racing. TEIN also makes many other suspension components that will fit any need and many different price points.