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Bed rails can get dinged and dented pretty easily, especially if you are constantly grabbing tools from the inside of the bed. There are more ways to damage bed rails than there are to protect them. Thankfully, Husky Liners quad caps are one way you can always count on to protect them. Husky Liners quad caps cover bed rails to shield them from scratches, scuffs, dents, and rust. They are extremely strong and developed to withstand the usual types of wear and tear the exterior of a truck may endure. Husky Liners quad caps offer pickup trucks an added accent of exterior defense that can go a long way towards preserving the overall health of the vehicle.

If you have not noticed, truck rails are exposed to a lot of potential damage. Not only do drivers reach over bed rails to lift something out of the bed, exposing potential dangers, even when the truck is parked it is yet another area of the exterior left vulnerable. Choosing a set of bed rail protectors gives your truck more security whether you are driving or not.

Husky bed rail protectors are made of TPO, which stands for thermoplastic PolyOlefin. TPO is a rubber and plastic polymer blend treated for exterior automotive purposes. This material provides several benefits. It makes the bed rail protectors virtually scratch-proof and enacts a protective layer over the rail from heavy equipment or tools. But also, it helps guard against inclement weather and debris. Sometimes, rocks, sticks, and leaves hit the rails, causing dents. Prolonged exposure to rain or moisture can cause rust. Bed rail protectors ensure your truck's rails are taken care of regardless of the circumstances.

For most trucks, truck bedrail caps install in just minutes. The first step is cleaning the top of the rails with rubbing alcohol and letting them dry. After that it is quite simple because Husky truck bedrail caps use double-sided 3M foam tape. You have to unpeel the tape (carefully) and stick the truck bedrail caps on. Once they are installed, you do not have to be concerned about Husky quad caps ever becoming loose. They are not snap on truck bed caps that can pop off for no reason, as the tape keeps them secured on for the life of the truck.

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