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Although trucks are seen as rugged vehicles, even truck owners enjoy luxury floor mats. Husky offers luxury truck floor liners in several different styles. Luxury truck floor liners vary from standard factory floor mats in several key aspects. OEM mats are installed by the truck manufacturer to provide a hint of decoration and minimal coverage. That is why they are usually oblong rectangles made of cheap carpet material. These mats are not meant to give you long-term comfort or protection. Instead, Husky designs their lineup of luxury truck floor liners to display a higher degree of coverage along with a very durable waterproof material. Luxury truck floor liners are also custom designed to demonstrate an exact fitment in accordance with the dimensions of your truck's cab.

Factory mats are intended to cover the feet-wells under the steering wheel on the driver's side and glove compartment on the passenger's side. This means that there is a lot of open space that is unprotected. What makes truck luxury liners different is that they blanket a much greater area of your truck's carpet. Instead of being assigned to a small, distinctive area, Husky luxury floor mats enact an encompassing layer that protects the entire area from the feet-wells all the way to the doorsills. For trucks that have extended cabs with a backseat, Husky truck liners cover the length of the back floor, including the center hump (in applicable vehicles).

Truck luxury mats are manufactured for all-weather protection as well as greater overall comfort. That is due to the material Husky uses. Husky luxury floor mats are comprised of a patented rubberized thermoplastic compound. This material allows the truck luxury mats to be completely resistant to any type of wet substance they come in contact with including mud, snow, and ice. If your boots have mud caked in the soles and you climb up into the cab, mud is going to go all over the truck mats. Because of their non-stick waterproof surface, Husky truck mats can be hosed off in seconds and look good as new.

The most important quality that Husky truck luxury mats provide is their method of fitment. Unlike your original mats or mats your purchase at an auto parts store, Husky luxury truck floor liners are not a universal fit for all vehicles but instead, are specifically designed for your exact truck model. This is critical because of how luxury truck floor liners function. Since stock mats are smaller and only used in a couple of locations, they can be taken out of one vehicle and used in another. In other words, you can take stock mats out of a truck and use them in a car and they will fit inside fairly well. This is not the case with luxury truck floor liners, as they will only fit in your specific truck. Husky uses a sophisticated computer-programming process to come up with the precise measurements of each truck's interior. They use a laser scanner that reads the length, width, and all of the angles inside of your truck. The data is then uploaded into a program which produces a digital rendering of the interior. After that, the image and data are sent to the machines that physically produce the luxury truck floor liners. It is a high-tech process, but it guarantees that each set of Husky liners will fit perfectly.

Luxury auto mats are not just soft, plush carpet mats with embroidered writing, but rather, any type of interior floor protection that is a step-up in quality over the original mats. Luxury truck floor mats need to be tough and dependable because that is what truck owners require. Whether it is for enhanced interior defense or a more secure cab for you to feel comfortable in, luxury truck floor liners are an important addition for many drivers.

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