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Finding legitimate Chevy suspension parts that are designed with superior workmanship to the OEM can be tough to find. Unity Automotive manufactures premium shocks and struts Chevrolet drivers prefer. They offer several different options, depending on your vehicle. There are Chevy suspension parts intended to replace the factory springs as well as kits for an air to steel conversion. Before ordering, be sure to inspect your existing setup to confirm the specifications for the components you are looking for. Chevy suspension parts are all engineered according to exact make and model requirements.

Primary choices are divided into two categories. Unity Chevy suspension struts are available in either complete assembly or bare. Motorists may select based on ease of installation and if they have kept their factory springs. When Unity Chevy suspension struts are presented as a full assembly, the entire device is ready for installation. It includes the springs, isolators, boots, and seals. These come for both the front and rear. Some may choose the basic setup. Unity Chevy suspension struts can be ordered as simply the strut with the piston and valve but without the spring.

If converting from air to steel, Unity has a solution for that, also. They have Chevrolet replacement shocks designed just for that application. A big benefit to this is that it is a significant cost-cutting modification. When air suspensions fail or begin to wear down repairing them can be very expensive and time consuming. Chevrolet replacement shocks come with all of the parts you need at a small percentage of the cost to fix the air system. There will not be any changes to the height of your vehicle or its driving characteristics. Chevrolet replacement shocks maintain the previous height specs and provide just as smooth a ride.

Most cars and trucks the automaker produces are eligible for upgrades. Chevy replacement shocks are available in one configuration or the other. However, most are for the standard Unity strut assembly. The brand has steel shocks available for everything from the Avalanche to the Uplander. Check your vehicle’s requirements before ordering. Unity suspension kits are currently offered only for a select amount of models.

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