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There are many Ford suspension kits available from Unity Automotive. This is one area of the vehicle where installing factory quality parts is important for drivers. They want the same level of value and comfort behind the wheel and do not trust aftermarket replacements. Unity can be relied on because their Ford suspension kits are guaranteed to fit precisely with uncompromising durability. All of their shocks are engineered according to exact model specs and tested to endure extreme driving conditions. Even if you are converting from an air system, you can find the Ford suspension kit that matches your vehicle’s needs.

It depends on what kind of setup you are looking for. Unity automotive Ford struts come in two main configurations – full assembly and basic. The full assembly has everything ready for installation, including the springs. You will not have to decompress the springs, which can be an arduous (and dangerous) task. This helps assembled Unity automotive Ford struts present a quick installation. If you do not need new springs and isolators, you can go with the bare setup. This has the same OEM mount, piston, and valve, but without the other components such as the boot, spring, and seals. You can order your Unity automotive Ford struts according to your custom requirements.

Many Ford vehicles are known for their air suspensions. When these systems go bad, they can be expensive to repair or replace. Ford air shocks from Unity are intended for a steel suspension conversion. The goal is to move away from the factory setup towards a more affordable and reliable system. Taking away the previous Ford air shocks in favor of steel is made simple. There is no deviation in ride height or smoothness. The Unity suspension assembly will keep your vehicle’s specifications with a much lower cost. Ford air shock conversions can come with all of the parts ready for assembly or a CSA configuration requiring separate purchase and installation for each wheel.

Unity has been in business for over 40 years providing parts for aftermarket suspensions. They have specialized in replacing Ford air shocks in favor of a more dependable and economical solution. You can find their kits for many vehicles. Their OEM replacement shocks are available for the Crown Victoria, Expedition, and most Lincoln models.

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