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Suspension Replacement Diagnosis

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Before installing a replacement suspension, you must confirm the problem. There are numerous ways to diagnose this, and some techniques are easy to do. The important thing is to ensure that your vehicle needs a replacement suspension. One of the most common ways is to go by “feel.” Loose turning out of corners is a frequent indication the suspension system is worn. You may also notice more intensity and volume through the cabin when going over bumps.

Another test to see if you need a replacement suspension involves pushing down on the vehicle. Choose one corner of the car (front or rear, depending on which side that is suspicious) near a head or taillight. Press down and hold before releasing. If the car bounces just a tiny bit, there is no need for a shock absorber replacement. If it bounces more than a few times, however, the suspension system is in need of upgrading.

Of course, tech savvy cars have this computerized. All it requires is taking the car to a local shop or dealer and it can be handled very quickly. What they will do is hook a scanner up to the device in your car. From there, the computer will scan the suspension system and indicate where the problem is located.

Once it is confirmed your car needs aftermarket shocks you can start exploring your options. Unity has several suspension systems that are versatile in composition. One of their most popular is the front strut assembly. This gives drivers the entire device components pre-assembled. The reason this is seen as a big time-saver is partly because of the spring. It is already taken care of, bypassing the risky decompression process for you. For a full Unity car suspension, the quality of the struts is what makes it an upgrade over the OEM system.

Air to coil is another option. This is geared towards drivers who have air shocks but want to convert to traditional steel springs. Unity car suspensions that change air to steel are designed to make it easy for installation. Part of that is due to the cost. Air suspensions are expensive and can total even more for repair. Switching over to a Unity car suspension cuts it down by a fraction of the price and is also much quicker to install.

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