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Unity makes Toyota suspension systems for many models including the Camry, Corolla, Tacoma, and Tundra. All of their parts are constructed of the highest quality materials to aid in both driving comfort and sustained durability. Toyota suspension systems come in a variety of configurations depending on your model and current driving needs. The objective is to give your vehicle an improved level of stability over the previous OEM product. Toyota suspension systems provide the same exact fitment as the OEM shock absorbers but with increased toughness and a cushier ride.

There are several reasons why car owners use Unity strut kits. Having the ability to choose between components can be a big advantage. Some drivers want to overhaul their Toyota shocks and use all new parts, including the springs. That is what fully assembled Unity strut kits are intended to offer. This is a kit that has all of the mechanisms in place and ready for installation. If you want to hold onto your springs, a Unity strut kit can come bare. Featuring just the strut, piston, and valve, this gives you the ability to reuse other factory components or customize the setup. However, not every vehicle is compatible with this option. Check your model specs for clarification on which Unity strut kit is right for you.

One advantage that Unity provides is a torque reference. What this is designed to do is make installation much easier. If you are going to use Unity suspension struts, you may have to loosen or remove factory components in the vicinity. This can compromise your vehicle’s torque value, which can be dangerous and cause long-term damage. When you purchase Unity suspension struts, you may receive the torque value reference chart. Using this chart, you have a shortcut to what your factory requirements are regarding the mounting bolts, sway bar, brake line tab, and lug nuts.

It is time to replace your original Toyota shocks if you are beginning to notice an increase in volume and shakiness when going over uneven roadways or loose steering. Of course, fluid leaking from the area and/or uneven tire wear are also classic symptoms of fatigued Toyota struts. If this is the case, do not wait too long to replace them. Unity suspension struts install easily in place without requiring further modification.

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