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Replacing worn components with Unity shocks will help you reclaim a smooth driving style. The job of your suspension system is to provide balance and cushioning when your car is in motion. Initially, the suspension is very strong. But after accumulating miles and being forced to ride over bumpy terrain, the parts become worn and driving can become difficult. What Unity shocks do is take the place of the beat up factory setup with renewed strength. Agility is improved and bumpy roadways do not appear as daunting. Available for a wide range of today’s makes and models, Unity shocks are also custom-designed for precise fit and function.

Putting in car suspension struts can be challenging. Sometimes, motorists try to mix and match. With Unity automotive struts, everything you need is included. If you are looking for a full assembly, kits come with the spring, spring isolators, and dust boot. But you can just go for the basic setup, too. Bare Unity automotive struts are the shock absorber itself, piston, and valve. Drivers looking to redo the entire suspension usually choose the complete assembly. But if your spring is in good shape, going with just the replacement shock absorbers will work, also.

There is extra strength engineered into every section. Unity automotive struts feature chrome-plated pistons to guard against damage from exposure to extreme driving environments. This is important for long-lasting efficiency. When pistons become worn or dinged, it can affect their dampening function. Suspension can become inconsistent. The chrome-plating Unity automotive struts use ensures that heat, debris, and roadside conditions will not hinder their performance. The same can be said of the phosphoric coating, which protects the surface from weathering.

Searching the aftermarket for replacement shock absorbers that match factory quality can be tough for some car owners. That is because they may own a foreign vehicle where parts are hard to come by. Unity has an inclusive catalog for most cars. They have replacement shock absorbers for popular domestic makes such as Chevy and Ford as well as foreign brands like BMW and Volkswagen. Simply look up the size before ordering. The new parts will replace your OEM shocks quickly and accurately.

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