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Not everything in the automotive industry is vehicle specific. There are hundreds of different accessories and parts that fit pretty much anything on four wheels. Automotive accessories like furniture, license plate frames, tools, scanners, decals, and lifestyle products clutter the industry. Most of these products are used by those who like to show off their car enthusiast personality. Also, some of the equipment in this market can provide much needed help for someone working on their vehicle.

Car accessories are a major market. There are no guidelines or boundaries for products in this market. Lifestyle accessories are available for someone looking to litter their home. Decorations like wall clocks, ashtrays, coasters, paper weights, alarm clocks, and mouse pads are just some of what is available. With the big brake kit being so popular, Brembo offers a wall clock that looks exactly like a brake rotor and caliper. Get rid of your boring white wall clock and add some racing personality to the inside of your home. Many big name watch manufacturers have linked up with racing companies to provide the best of both worlds to provide customers with a quality watch and a big name car company like Ferrari. Ferrari is the ultimate when it comes to vehicles. Their cars are some of the most desired in the world. If a watch doesn't fit your style, then a racing chair for the office might! Combine a car seat out of a racing vehicle with a nice set of rolling wheels, and you'll never want to leave the office. Watch the Sunday race in your chair that came straight out of a Bentley. It doesn't get much better than that. Carbon fiber accessories are also available for those seeking some sleek furniture. RaceChairs manufactures coffee tables and other office equipment out of carbon fiber. Not only lightweight, these products are also solid being made from carbon fiber. To go along with the carbon fiber furniture, add the carbon fiber coasters to complete the entire race look and feel.

Automotive-specific tools can sometimes be a life saver. For any car enthusiast who likes to work on their car, having a solid set of automotive tools will come in handy. Some great products to have is a vehicle scanner, door panel trim removal set, air compressor, impact gun, and a digital multi-meter. Each one of these tools provides a different function. When adding performance parts to your vehicle, a check engine light may come on. To avoid taking it to the dealer, grab a scanner and check the code. It can almost always be reset. An accessory like the door panel trim removal kit is made of plastic pieces and will not scratch the interior of your car. This makes it perfect for prying off those tight fitting trim pieces. An air compressor and impact gun can take care of nearly any installation when needing power tools. These tools are great for all kinds of suspension work and some engine work. Jacks and jack stands can also assist in working on these parts. A digital multi-meter can pay for itself in one use. Adding aftermarket audio and security is common among enthusiasts. With these products being so electrically involved, troubleshooting can be made easy with a multi-meter. Car amplifier installation kits are a savior for custom stereo installs. These kits include everything needed to pull your power from the car's battery and supply it to the amplifier. A vehicle's brake repairs can sometimes be very costly. An ABS scanner from Actron will pinpoint the problem area and can sometimes be an easy fix. The scanner is inexpensive as well which makes it more attractive. Accessories like electrical relays and wiring harnesses can be great for custom projects. Automotive wiring harnesses are available for a variety of installations like car stereo, solenoids and engine grounding kits. These products take the hassle out of cramming lots of wires in one area.

Adding accessories to the exterior of your vehicle can make it unique. Pick up some custom license plate frames to show support for your favorite automotive manufacturer. Carbon fiber accessories can also be added. Some companies offer carbon fiber style vinyl that can be applied to anything. Don't like the look of your front grille? Wrap it in carbon fiber. Not only does it look good, but it also protects the surface from road debris. Decals and stickers are also applied to the exterior of a vehicle. Enthusiasts like to support products they have installed or some of them may even be sponsored.

The garage is typically the man cave. Lots of tools, auto parts and sports equipment clutter this area. Working on the ground under a vehicle isn't the easiest. Having a durable floor with a clean surface is ideal for these situations. Weathertech manufacturers floor sections to cover an existing surface. They come in many different color and style combinations. These pieces are installed just like a puzzle for quick and painless application. It cannot get any easier than that. Banners and posters from AEM can be used to cover up those unwanted white walls. Let the neighbors know you take your car's performance to the next level.