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For some drivers, it can take years before they let go of their OEM mats and replace them with something like WeatherBeater floor liners. It isn't as if when most folks are at the dealership purchasing a car, they think ok, when I get this car home I'm going to replace the mats. It usually takes a few rain or snowstorms or someone spilling a giant cup of coffee before they realize it's time to forego the OEM carpet mats in favor of Husky car mats. But even then, it can still take some convincing for car owners to understand what it is they're missing out on by not choosing WeatherBeater floor liners.

People tend to stick with original rubber floor liners because they figure there isn't much a difference between them and Husky Liners floor mats. The misconception rests in the belief that since there are factory mats already installed, they will be able to provide a good amount of defense for the interior. This of course, is a mistake. The overwhelming majority of the time, factory car mats barely cover enough area to protect the interior from anything. Part of the reason for that is because they are often small, square sheets of rubber or cheap carpet shaded to match the color inside the vehicle. They offer little other benefit apart from that, especially compared to Husky car mats.

Husky Liners floor mats are not typical aftermarket floor mats, either. They are vastly superior to store-bought mats or liners due to the amount of area they are capable of covering and most importantly, the way Husky car mats are constructed. Husky car mats are fashioned out of a unique rubberized material that is guaranteed to repel spills, water, and mud. WeatherBeater floor liners are also designed to cover a large portion of your vehicle's carpet, shielding a much greater overall area. The difference is noticeable immediately. Your interior floor is no longer vulnerable to the next storm that hits. You can drive with more confidence than ever before!

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