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A lot of drivers who live in rural areas or those who work outside prefer weatherproof floor mats. One main reason for this is because these folks often come in contact with gravel and other types of debris. This leads to pebbles and sand getting caught in the soles of shoes or boots. That means whenever they climb in their vehicles, their feet are tracking this stuff on the OEM carpet. Husky All Weather Mats prevent this from happening better than other types of weather liners because of their design. Husky all weather mats feature a high lip that seals the mat's perimeter around the doors and foot-wells, preventing dirt and rocks from penetrating the surface.

Another main aspect to these weatherproof floor mats is of course, rain and snow. We've all seen what wet shoes do to factory mats. It not only causes a mess, but it is also uncomfortable to drive like that. Husky all weather mats are waterproof mats that can handle your pant-legs dripping and the rubber soles of your shoes squishing water down onto the floor. That's because Husky all weather mats are made from a special rubber material that doesn't absorb moisture, but rather, catches it before it can spill off of the mat. All it takes to clean weather resistant floor liners is to wipe them down with a dry towel when you're done.

Weatherproof floor mats are available for cars, trucks, and SUVs, but it's not as much about the class of vehicle as it is about the lifestyle and climate. Motorists who work and reside where there's a lot of precipitation tend to be on the market for waterproof mats more often than those in a dry, sunny climate. That's when it becomes about the lifestyle. If you 're a surfer or rock climber, there is a good chance you have seen what it's like climbing in your cab and watching sand or dirt fall off of you. It isn't pretty. Waterproof mats protect your interior from more than just water!

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