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Husky Liners debuted their new lineup of Wheel Well Guards this past fall and it immediately caught a lot of truck owners' attention. That is because there has long been a shortage of brands that produce wheel well liners, so when it's a company like Husky, it makes news quickly. Wheel well liners guard the inside of the wheel openings from being left vulnerable to debris from the road surface. This is an issue that pops up pretty often with mid and full-size pickup trucks, as many times there is a slight gap in space where the tire fits in the well. Of course, perhaps not coincidentally, trucks are also found on rocky, dirty terrain more often than other types of vehicles.

What usually happens is when exposed to rock, dirt, rock salt, and mud, wheel wells become just as corruptible as any other part of the exterior. In some trucks, the shocks and leaf springs are a wide open target for damage. Husky wheel well guards take care of the problem quickly and easily. These tire well covers display a molded-like fit, so it isn't as if they slip on the way fender trim on the outside does. Instead, you get a lock-down covering over the well that makes it virtually impenetrable. And unlike other tire well trim, Husky wheel well liners provide a good amount of noise reduction in the cab to quiet down your travels.

Wheel well liners do not take very long to install, as they are custom designed per each model's specific dimensions. In other words, Husky tire well covers are not a universal fit, so there shouldn't be any trimming or edging to put them on correctly. But they also are aren't truck fender flares that can be popped right on, so be sure to follow the simple installation instructions that come with your tire well covers. But once Husky wheel well guards are in place, they will last the life of your vehicle and arrive with a lifetime warranty to back it up.

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