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Husky offers several different series of floor liners and X-act Contour liners are their most recent addition. There are not too many differences between X-act contour liners and the rest of the Husky lineup; however, there are some features the others do not have. X-act contour liners are designed to employ the same level of coverage as other styles of Husky floor liners but with a richer texture and a more sophisticated surface configuration. The toughness and all-weather protection are still there but with a more concentrated approach on comfort.

The first departure is that X-act contour liners provide a more streamlined, conforming placement on top of your interior floor. Floor liners are supposed to line up around the perimeter of a vehicle's carpet or floorboard, which is what Husky liners do. But Husky x-act contour liners fit on the floor providing a softer landing spot for your feet. The material Husky x-act contour mats are made of is thermoplastic rubber treated to defend against spills, but instead of being thin and extremely firm, they are more pliable than other mats and gentler to the touch.

Other types of floor liners display a series of straight lines and ripples meant for feet grip and to also trap or distribute spills. Husky x-act contour mats have a surface that is comprised of a series of channels that are located throughout the top. In the upper right corner of the driver's side, near where the pedal foot would be, is a diamond tread design so your heel does not get interfered with by the channeled walls.

You can choose x-act contour floor mats for the front, the back, or both, depending on your make and model. They are manufactured to demonstrate superior defense against any substance that can stain or harm your interior such as mud or snow and come with a lifetime warranty. Since they have a non-stick surface, washing them is not difficult at all. Husky x-act contour floor liners can be removed from your vehicle and hosed off.

Husky x-act contour mats are not standard floor mats. Rather, they are custom floor liners developed to take up a high percentage of your vehicle's floors. Unlike floor mats, Husky x-act contour floor liners expand further out from normally assigned floor space and reach out to the doorsills. In certain vehicles, Husky x-act contour floor liners can extend to underneath the seats. There is even additional coverage for the backseat. Husky x-act contour floor liners for the back are one piece that stretches from one side to the other with a covering for the center hump (in applicable vehicles).

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